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Over the past few years my affinity for music of the old Hollywood studio composers has grown strong. Their singing melodies and charming words belie the musical sophistication in these songs of the cinema. The combination of the beautiful scores and gripping, passionate playing of the studio orchestras make those old movies come alive even today.

After listening to so many wonderful songs by various composers and studios I wanted to try my hand at writing a few myself. The result is a new set of five songs, A Musical Day, for voice and piano. My goal was to unapologetically channel the aforementioned composers with no concern for my songs sounding derivative. To my surprise, these songs turned out to be “musically honest” despite their obvious nods to the studio composers: they feel just as much a part of my musical voice as my other pieces.

What began as a light-hearted project became one that I love dearly. I hope you’ll find a piano, bring your friends, and sing these songs together. The only thing better is an evening on the patio!

A score can be downloaded from the compositions page.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 21 July 2022

The Saint Mark’s Singers and I are excited to give our second performance, Songs of Mary, this Sunday at 4:00pm. Since founding the Singers in October of last year it has been a privilege to work with dedicated musicians of all ages and backgrounds. Their singing has grown in technical skill and beautiful tone, and this concert represents a year of hard, fun work.

The program highlights the breadth of inspiration given to composers by Marian texts. There will be old favorites, some beautiful 19th-century gems, and even a world premiere. I hope you’ll join us for an afternoon of great singing!

This concert will be live-streamed on the Saint Mark’s Church website. Details are below:

  • Sunday, 15 May 2022; 4:00pm. Saint Mark’s Church, Philadelphia, PA. Bryan will conduct the Saint Mark’s Singers in their Spring concert, Songs of Mary. The program will feature a variety of works including Evening Services in the English tradition. Details are here and a program is here.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 11 May 2022

I’m looking forward to returning to First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe on Friday to give a recital on their beautiful C.B. Fisk organ. First Presbyterian is located in the historic center of Santa Fe and offers a unique chance to hear organ music in an adobe church. I hope you’ll join us for an hour of Bach and Vierne!

  • Friday, 6 May 2022; 5:30pm. First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, NM. Bryan will give a recital on the C.B. Fisk organ at First Presbyterian Church in beautiful Santa Fe. The 60-minute recital will offer a chance to hear great music in a historic church surrounded by rich New Mexico history and culture. Details can be found here and a program is here.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 5 May 2022

While I’ve always loved composing new music, I’ve never been into composing for the money. I think of it as my hobby; a serious hobby! To that end, I’ve decided to make any score listed on this website free for download and performance. If you’ve ever wanted to give a piece of mine a try, feel free! My only wish is that you let me know if you decide to program something.

This is more in line with my goals in sharing music: I just want it to be performed and enjoyed! Check out the compositions page for these pieces, and I’ll continue to update it with new works as they are finished.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 6 April 2022

I’m excited to have two new pieces premiered this weekend! In Philadelphia, we’ll premiere my Saint Mark’s Service, written for Robert McCormick. I’ll be playing the organ, and the Parish Choir and Choristers will sing under Robert’s direction. This service takes place at 4:00pm at Saint Mark’s.

In Denver, the choirs of Trinity UMC will premiere Song for Judith, written for Judith Mitchell’s retirement with text by my mother, Kathy Dunnewald. This service takes place at 11:00am at Trinity UMC.

I hope you’ll join us in person or online for one or both of these premieres!

– Bryan Dunnewald, 1 April 2022