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Schoenstein Start

After two summers and several projects over the years with Schoenstein & Co., I began my full-time position as Assistant to Tonal Director Jack Bethards on September 12. It’s been a great first two weeks, busy with the variety and challenge that attracted me to the field. So far my work has been focused on voicing, client relations, and some service work. I’m looking forward to upcoming tonal design on some new projects.

The people of Schoenstein have been welcoming and friendly, helping me with everything from company policy to rides to the BART station. I knew the company had a friendly culture and it’s comforting to be its recipient; I hope to return the favor to them and the next new person!

This is an exciting time for me and for Schoenstein, and I hope it’s the first of countless great work weeks ahead.

– Bryan Dunnewald; 24 September 2022