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President of Schoenstein & Co.

I’m excited to announce a milestone in my organ building career. After serving as Tonal Director at Schoenstein, I’ll now be adding the duties of President upon the retirement of Louis Patterson. Organ building continues to inspire me, and it’s an honor to lead the company forward. The official press release is copied below.

Bryan Dunnewald has been appointed President and Tonal Director of Schoenstein & Co., continuing the company’s tradition of placing leadership in the hands of musicians. He now oversees all aspects of the company with a focus on its musical direction. Dunnewald began his association with Schoenstein ten years ago and served most recently as Tonal Director. In addition to his work in organ building, he is an active performer and composer, with appearances at major venues across the country, and holds degrees in orchestral conducting and organ performance.

Looking forward to what’s to come!

– Bryan Dunnewald; 4 July 2024