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Trinity and St. Peter’s Recital

With work in full swing at Schoenstein and Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church, I don’t get to play as many solo recitals as I used to. When an opportunity to play a fantastic organ like the one at Trinity and St. Peter’s comes up, however, I’d be foolish to turn it down! This magnificent organ by E.M. Skinner is in its original tonal state, full of the myriad colors found in Skinner’s best symphonic organs. The church gives the organ a warm, reverberant space in which to sing, resulting in one of the best places to make music on an organ in San Francisco. I am excited to get to know this instrument and play some of my favorite pieces on it!

Details of the recital can be found below. I hope you’ll join me for the recital!

  • Sunday, 7 May 2023; 5:00pm; Trinity and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco, CA. Bryan will present a concert on the magnificent E. M. Skinner organ following Evensong at Trinity and St. Peter’s. This instrument, meticulously maintained in original condition, is one of the finest examples of Skinner’s work on the west coast. The church offers a marvelous acoustic for organ music, the pairing sure to inspire any listener. Details are here and a program is here.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 29 April 2023