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Saint Mark’s Singers

All of us at Saint Mark’s are excited to expand our music department by creating a new, all-volunteer choir called the Saint Mark’s Singers. The new choir, under the direction of yours truly, just had its first rehearsal Sunday with 32 members. It was a fantastic way to start our new venture and I’m looking forward to all that’s ahead for us. The first concert, Red Velvet Christmas, is on December 19 and features some of the sweetest, most decadent mid-century carols for choir. Think Fred Waring, Ken Darby, Alfred Burt, Leo Sowerby, and more.

We’re all looking forward to sharing our music with you and I’m excited to build up the Singers this season. If you’d like to join us for friendship and song, please let me know. We’re always happy to gain new members!

– Bryan Dunnewald, 13 October 2021