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Binghamton Concert and Workshop

Later this week I’ll venture up to Binghamton, NY for a concert and workshop presented by the local chapter of the American Guild of Organists. The program features some of my favorite pieces, covering a wide variety of style. The next morning, we’ll gather for a workshop presented by yours truly on economy in music (to borrow a term I first heard from David Hurd). Our discussion will cover practical topics including rehearsal and practice efficiency, great hymn playing at the foundational level, and economical registration, among many others, leading to more philosophical discussions on how we can use this approach to influence our lives as artists. I hope you’ll join us for one or both of these events!

  • Friday, 18 October 2019; 7:30pm. United Presbyterian Church, Binghamton, NY. Bryan will give a recital sponsored by the Binghamton Chapter of the American Guild of Organists that features the Guilbault-Thérien organ. Details are forthcoming and a program can be found here.
  • Saturday, 19 October 2019; 9:30am. United Presbyterian Church, Binghamton, NY. Bryan will present a workshop: Economy in our Musical Lives. Open to the public.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 14 October 2019