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St. Paul’s Greenville

I am excited to already be back in the swing of things; summer feels like ages ago! In two weeks, I’ll head to Greenville, NC to give a concert on their C.B. Fisk organ. This particular instrument and space are a magnificent match and I’m excited to see some familiar friendly faces and meet new people. I hope you’ll join us for a great evening of music! Details are below:

  • Friday, 22 September 2017, 7:30pm; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Greenville, NC. Bryan will give a concert as part of the performance series at the church. St. Paul’s is home to a stunning C.B. Fisk organ in an equally matched room, creating the ideal setting to enjoy organ music. The program will last approximately 75 minutes; details can be found here and a program is here.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 8 September 2017