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Below is a list of organs Bryan has played. They are listed in approximate chronological order based upon the date of the first visit to the organ listed.

  1. Riverside Church, NY, NY. Æolian-Skinner-5 Manuals-204 ranks.
  2. Trinity UMC, Denver, CO. Roosevelt-4 Manuals-83 ranks.
  3. St. Luke Parish, McLean, VA. Steiner-Reck-3 Manuals-61 ranks.
  4. Montview Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO. Reuter-4 Manuals-76 ranks.
  5. St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, CO. WW Kimball-4 Manuals-96 ranks.
  6. Interlochen Center For The Arts, Interlochen, MI. Aeolian-Skinner/Reuter-3 Manuals-50 ranks.
  7. Interlochen Center For The Arts, Interlochen, MI. Gabriel Kney-2 Manuals.
  8. St. Jude Parish, Lakewood, CO. MP Moller-3 Manuals.
  9. First Presbyterian Church, Boulder, CO. Casavant Frères/Rodgers-4 Manuals Rodgers; 3 Manuals 44 ranks Casavant.
  10. First Presbyterian Church, Boulder, CO. Reuter-2 Manuals-22 ranks.
  11. First UMC, Boulder, CO. Roosevelt-3 Manuals-39 ranks.
  12. Newman Center, Denver, CO. Karl Schuke-3 Manuals-56 ranks.
  13. Holiday Hills Ball Room. Federal Heights, CO. Allen GW-4 Q-4 Manuals-33 ranks.
  14. Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Denver, CO. Schantz-3 Manuals-46 ranks.
  15. Bethany Lutheran Church, Denver, CO. Schantz-3 Manuals-48 ranks.
  16. Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO. Wurlitzer-4 Manuals-20 ranks.
  17. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Glen Arbor, MI. Lauck-2 Manuals-8 ranks.
  18. Glen Lake Church, Burdickville, MI. W. Zimmer and Sons-2 Manuals.
  19. Peace Lutheran Church, Arvada, CO. Balcom and Vaughan-2 Manuals.
  20. Lakewood UMC, Lakewood, CO. M P Moller-3 Manuals-26 ranks.
  21. Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Wheat Ridge, CO. Dewey Layton/Rodgers-3 Manuals-86 ranks.
  22. First Church of Arvada, Arvada, CO. W. Wilson and Associates-2 Manuals-7 ranks.
  23. Epiphany Lutheran Church, Denver, CO. Morel and Associates-2 Manuals-7 ranks.
  24. First Baptist Church, Denver, CO. Aeolian-Skinner-4 Manuals-124 ranks.
  25. St. John Episcopal Church, Boulder, CO. Austin/Morel-3 Manuals-49 ranks.
  26. St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Laramie, WY. E. M. Skinner-4 Manuals-51 ranks.
  27. University of Wyoming, Arts and Science, Laramie, WY. Austin Organ-3 Manuals.
  28. University of Wyoming, Fine Arts Auditorium, Laramie, WY. Walcker Organ- 3 Manuals-40 ranks.
  29. St. Paul Lutheran Church, Denver, CO. M P Moller-3 Manuals-36 ranks.
  30. Denver South Seventh Day Adventist Church, Denver, CO. W. Zimmer and Sons-3 Manuals-104 ranks.
  31. First UMC, Colorado Springs, CO. Reuter Organ Co-4 Manuals-89 ranks.
  32. St. Stephen Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs, CO. Welte-Tripp-4 Manuals-82 ranks.
  33. Shove Chapel, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO. Welte-Tripp-3 Manuals-45 ranks.
  34. First Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO. Casavant-3 Manuals-41 ranks.
  35. Church of the Ascension, Denver, CO. Patrick J. Murphy-2 Manuals-29 ranks.
  36. St. Michael and All Angels Church, Denver, CO. Morel and Associates-2 Manuals-24 ranks.
  37. Central Christian Church, Denver, CO. Reuter Organ Co.-3 Manuals.
  38. US Air Force Academy Protestant Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO. M P Möller Organ-3 Manuals-83 ranks.
  39. US Air Force Academy Catholic Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO. M P Möller Organ-3 Manuals-31 ranks.
  40. First Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO. Létourneau Organ-3 Manuals-50 ranks.
  41. First Congregational Church, Colorado Springs, CO. Hook and Hastings/Roederer Organ Co.-3 Manuals-50 ranks.
  42. St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Denver, CO. John-Paul Buzard-3 Manuals-31 ranks.
  43. Zion Lutheran Church, Laramie, WY. Walcker Organ-2 Manuals-9 ranks.
  44. First UMC, Laramie, WY. Walcker Organ-2 Manuals-16 ranks.
  45. Westminster UMC, Westminster, CO. E M Skinner/Tellers Organ-4 Manuals-~60 ranks.
  46. Bara Residence, Interlochen, MI. Hauptwerk Digital/Reuter-3 Manuals-N/A ranks.
  47. St. Mark Episcopal Church, SLC, UT. Holtkamp Organ-3 Manuals-44 ranks.
  48. Joseph Smith Memorial Building, SLC, UT. Casavant Frères-2 Manuals-45 ranks.
  49. Mormon Tabernacle, SLC, UT. Æolian-Skinner-5 Manuals-206 ranks.
  50. Assembly Hall, SLC, UT. Robert Sipe-3 Manuals-65 ranks.
  51. Conference Center, SLC, UT. Schoenstein and Co.-5 Manuals-130 ranks.
  52. Libby Gardner Hall (University of UT), SLC, UT. Lively-Fulcher-3 Manuals-64 ranks.
  53. Zion Lutheran Church, SLC, UT. W. Zimmer and Sons-2 Manuals-27 ranks.
  54. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Æolian-Skinner-4 Manuals-123 ranks.
  55. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. C.B. Fisk-2 Manuals-35 ranks.
  56. Hope College Studio, Holland, MI. J.W. Walker and Sons-3 Manuals-37 ranks.
  57. Hope College, Holland, MI. Skinner-4 Manuals-48 ranks.
  58. Hope College, Holland, MI. Pels and van Leeuwen-2 Manuals-35 ranks.
  59. Third Reformed Church, Holland, MI. Robert Sipe-3 Manuals-47 ranks.
  60. St. John Episcopal Church, Denver, CO. E and G. G. Hook-2 Manuals-17 ranks.
  61. Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Denver, CO. Morel and Assoc-3 Manuals-43 ranks.
  62. First United Methodist Church, Cheyenne, WY. Reuter Organ Co.-2 Manuals-27 ranks.
  63. Ascension Lutheran Church, Cheyenne, WY. Martin Ott-2 Manuals-19 ranks.
  64. St. Mary Roman Catholic Cathedral, Cheyenne, WY. Visser-Rowland and Assoc-3 Manuals-53 ranks.
  65. First Presbyterian Church, Cheyenne, WY. Balcom and Vaughan-3 Manuals-27 ranks.
  66. St. Andrew Cathedral, Grand Rapids, MI. Letourneau Organ-4 Manuals-92 ranks.
  67. Central Methodist Church, Traverse City, MI. Lawless-Johnson Organs-4 Manuals.
  68. First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, CA. E M Skinner/Schlicker Organ-5 Manuals-346 ranks.
  69. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. GOArt Organ-2 Manuals-43 ranks.
  70. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Æolian Skinner Organ-3 Manuals-68 ranks.
  71. Downtown Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY. CB Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-56 ranks.
  72. Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. Dobson Organ-2 Manuals-44 ranks.
  73. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Rochester, NY. Paul Fritts Organ-3 Manuals-76 ranks.
  74. Christ Church Episcopal, Rochester, NY. GOArt Organ-2 Manuals-37 ranks.
  75. Asbury First Methodist Church, Rochester, NY. Austin Organ-4 Manuals-75 ranks.
  76. Lodi Historical Building, Lodi, NY. E and G G Hook Organ-2 Manuals-14 ranks.
  77. St. Joseph Church, Camillus, NY. Lewtak Organ-3 Manuals-43 ranks.
  78. Grace Lutheran Church, Boulder, CO. Schlicker Organ Co.-2 Manuals-9 ranks.
  79. First Congregational Church Chapel, Los Angeles, CA. Abbott and Sieker-3 Manuals-26 ranks.
  80. Immanuel Presbyterian Church Chapel, Los Angeles, CA. Gregor Hradetzky-2 Manuals-20 ranks.
  81. Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA. Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-68 ranks.
  82. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, CA. Dobson Organ-4 Manuals-105 ranks.
  83. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA. Rosales Organ-4 Manuals-109 ranks.
  84. Immaculate Heart of Mary RC Church, Northglenn, CO. Morel/Rodgers Organ-3 Manuals-18 ranks.
  85. First United Methodist Church, Fort Collins, CO. Marcussen and Søn Organ-3 Manuals-62 ranks.
  86. Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, CO. Reuter Organ-4 Manuals-65 ranks.
  87. Mountain View United Methodist Church, Boulder, CO. Reuter Organ-3 Manuals-35 ranks.
  88. Don Wilson Residence, Traverse City, MI. Casavant/Moller Organ-3 Manuals-61 ranks.
  89. National City Christian Church, Washington D.C. Skinner/Moller Organ-5 Manuals-141 ranks.
  90. The National Cathedral, Washington D.C. E. M. Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-189 ranks.
  91. St. Paul Episcopal Church (K Street), Washington D.C. Schoenstein Organ-4 Manuals-65 ranks.
  92. St. Dominic Catholic Church, Washington D.C. Roosevelt Organ-3 Manuals-45 ranks.
  93. St. Patrick Catholic Church, Washington D.C. Lively-Fulcher Organ-3 Manuals-45 ranks.
  94. National Presbyterian Church, Washington D.C. Æolian-Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-115 ranks.
  95. St. Columba Episcopal Church, Washington D.C. Flentrop Organ-2 Manuals-28 ranks.
  96. First Plymouth Congregational Church, Denver, CO. Reuter Organ-3 Manuals-40 ranks.
  97. Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, OH. Holtkamp Organ-3 Manuals-38 ranks.
  98. Rice University, Shepherd School Of Music, Houston, TX. Fisk/Rosales Organ-3 Manuals-95 ranks.
  99. First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA. Möller Organ-3 Manuals-60 ranks.
  100. The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, PA. Æolian-Skinner Organ-5 Manuals-116 ranks.
  101. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA. Æolian-Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-104 ranks.
  102. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Dobson Organ-3 Manuals-26 ranks.
  103. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. CB Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-45 ranks.
  104. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. Möller Organ-3 Manuals-13 ranks (partial).
  105. First Church, Wethersfield, CT. Austin Organ-4 Manuals-62 ranks.
  106. Trinity Episcopal Church, Wethersfield, CT. Russell Organ-2 Manuals-23 ranks.
  107. St. Joseph’s Cathedral (R.C.), Hartford, CT. Austin Organ-4 Manuals-137 ranks.
  108. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denver, CO. Casavant Organ-3 Manuals-69 ranks.
  109. Applewood Valley United Methodist Church, Applewood, CO. Layton Organ-2 Manuals.
  110. Trinity Lutheran Church, Traverse City, MI. Buck Organ-4 Manuals-67 ranks.
  111. Immaculate Conception Church, Traverse City, MI. Lauck Organ-3 Manuals.
  112. First Congregational Church, Traverse City, MI. Buck Organ-3 Manuals-85 ranks.
  113. Grace Episcopal Church, Traverse City, MI. Buck Organ-2 Manuals.
  114. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. C.B. Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-68 ranks.
  115. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. C.B. Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-56 ranks.
  116. Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin, CT. Casavant Organ-3 Manuals-37 ranks.
  117. First Congregational Church, Southington, CT. Walker Technical Organ-4 Manuals.
  118. First Congregational Church, Sioux Falls, SD. Bedient Organ-3 Manuals-57 ranks.
  119. First United Methodist Church, Sioux Falls, SD. J. F. Nordlie Organ-3 Manuals-53 ranks.
  120. First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD. Schoenstein/Æolian-Skinner Organ-3 Manuals-53 ranks.
  121. First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD. J. F. Nordlie Organ-1 Manual-5 ranks.
  122. Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA. Æolian-Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-125 ranks.
  123. St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA. Taylor and Boody Organ-2 Manuals-32 ranks.
  124. California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA. Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-63 ranks.
  125. Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Bryn Athyn, PA. Skinner/Kegg Organ-4 Manuals-46 ranks.
  126. Macy’s, Philadelphia, PA. Los Angeles Art Organ Co./Wanamaker Organ Shop-6 Manuals-463 ranks.
  127. Old St. Peter’s Church, Philadelphia, PA. Skinner Organ-3 Manuals-38 ranks.
  128. Aspen Community Church, Aspen, CO. Wicks Organ-2 Manuals-30 ranks.
  129. Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, CA. Létourneau Organ-4 Manuals-92 ranks.
  130. First-Plymouth Church, Lincoln, NE. Chancel: Schoenstein Organ-4 Manuals-94 ranks.
  131. First-Plymouth Church, Lincoln, NE. Gallery: Schoenstein Organ-2 Manuals-15 ranks.
  132. St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA. Flentrop Organ-4 Manuals-79 ranks.
  133. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, OR. Rosales Organ-3 Manuals-85 ranks.
  134. Church of the Gesu, Milwaukee, WI. Schantz Organ-4 Manuals-115 ranks.
  135. Christ Church, Christiana Hundred, Greenville, DE. John Brombaugh Organ-3 Manuals-74 ranks.
  136. Tindley Temple Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA. Möller Organ-4 Manuals-58 ranks.
  137. Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA. Dobson Organ-4 Manuals-125 ranks.
  138. Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, VA. Æolian-Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-105 ranks.
  139. First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA. Reuter Organ-4 Manuals-82 ranks.
  140. Central Synagogue, New York, NY. Casavant Organ-4 Manuals-63 ranks.
  141. Saint Thomas Church, New York, NY. Gilbert Adams Organ-4 Manuals-161 ranks.
  142. Kings Chapel, Boston, MA. CB Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-51 ranks.
  143. Trinity Church, Boston, MA. E.M. and Æolian-Skinner Organ-3 Manuals-133 ranks.
  144. First Church of Christ, Scientist (Mother Church), Boston, MA. Æolian-Skinner-4 Manuals-241 ranks.
  145. The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York, NY. Æolian-Skinner/Quimby Organ-4 Manuals-151 ranks.
  146. Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, Morristown, NJ. Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-64 ranks.
  147. First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, NM. C.B. Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-41 ranks.
  148. Huff’s Union Church, Alburtis, PA. George Krauss Organ-2 Manuals-13 ranks.
  149. Highway Tabernacle, Philadelphia, PA. Hilborne Roosevelt-2 Manuals-27 ranks.
  150. East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA. Goulding and Wood-4 Manuals-140 ranks.
  151. Heinz Memorial Chapel, Pittsburgh, PA. Reuter Organ-3 Manuals-73 ranks.
  152. Saint Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA. Rudolf von Beckerath-4 Manuals-97 ranks.
  153. First Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, AR. Nichols and Simpson-3 Manuals-61 ranks.
  154. St. James United Methodist Church, Little Rock, AR. M.P. Möller-3 Manuals-42 ranks.
  155. St. Malachy’s Church, the Actor’s Chapel, NY, NY. Æolian-Skinner-3 Manuals-43 ranks.
  156. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NY, NY. Kilgen Organ-5 Manuals-150 ranks.
  157. Marble Collegiate Church, NY, NY. Glück Organ-4 Manuals-101 ranks.
  158. Church of Saint Louis, King of France, Saint Paul, MN. Casavant Organ-3 Manuals-57 ranks.
  159. Trinity Episcopal Church, Moorestown, NJ. Hall Organ-3 Manuals-51 ranks.
  160. Mountain View Methodist Church, Boulder, CO. Reuter Organ-3 Manuals-31 ranks.
  161. Fred Haas Residence, Philadelphia, PA. E.M. Skinner Organ-3 Manuals-20 ranks.
  162. Central United Methodist Church, Traverse City, MI. Reuter Organ-4 Manuals-40 ranks.
  163. Shrine of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, La Crosse, WI. Noack Organ-3 Manuals-50 ranks.
  164. Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman, La Crosse, WI. Noack Organ-4 Manuals-91 ranks.
  165. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Greenville, NC. C.B. Fisk Organ-3 Manuals-58 ranks.
  166. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Chapel, Greenville, NC. W. Zimmer Organ-2 Manuals-20 ranks.
  167. Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, NJ. N. P. Mander Organ-4 Manuals-137 ranks.
  168. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill, PA. Æolian-Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-114 ranks.
  169. Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA. Austin Organ-3 Manuals-62 ranks.
  170. First Congregational Church, Boulder, CO. Salmen Organ-3 Manuals.
  171. Christ Church, New Haven, CT. Lively-Fulcher Organ-3 Manuals-63 ranks.
  172. The Juilliard School, NY, NY. Schoenstein Organ-2 Manuals-12 ranks.
  173. The Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, GA. Æolian-Skinner Organ-4 Manuals-96 ranks.
  174. The Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, GA. Schoenstein Organ-2 Manuals-16 ranks.