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Bruton Parish Concert

Next week is a time of holiday for many in the U.S., with Thanksgiving followed by the “official” start of the Christmas season. I’m looking forward to celebrating both with a candlelight concert at Bruton Parish in historic Williamsburg, VA. The program features a few seasonal pieces in addition to a variety of works to show off the large Létourneau organ. I hope you’ll join me for the festivities!

  • Saturday, 28 November 2015, 8:00pm; Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, VA. Bryan will perform in Bruton’s Candlelight Concert series, begun in the 18th century. The program will be approximately one hour long and be played on the 105-rank Létourneau organ. Concert series information can be found here; Bryan’s program can be found here.

– Bryan Dunnewald, 19 November 2015