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Bryn Athyn Cathedral

This fall has been filled with change for me: I’ve ventured to Philadelphia to begin studying at Curtis, which encompasses many new steps, and now as I have the pleasure of assuming the position of Assistant Organist at Bryn Athyn Cathedral, in Pennsylvania. I am very excited to begin working in a great space with great instruments and, most importantly, great people. The Cathedral has a very interesting history, which can be found on the website, and are nearly finished installing a “new” E.M. Skinner / Kegg organ. I will be working closely with Graham Bier, Director of Music, and Terry Schnarr, Principal Organist. The campus is located in a beautiful part of the Philadelphia suburbs and has numerous gardens, old mansions and rolling hills – I encourage you to visit if you’re in the area.

Curtis is getting going now, and I’m having fun getting to know this wonderful school. Here’s to more fun ahead!

-Bryan Dunnewald, 10 September 2014

Bryn Athyn’s press release can be found here.