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First Church of Christ, Scientist

It was my pleasure to visit the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denver today. This is home to a 1960 Casavant organ, voiced by Lawrence Phelps, with three manuals and 69 ranks. The instrument is perfectly suited for Bach and other German music, but can play 20th-century and Romantic music quite well, too. It has chipper flutes, wonderful German color reeds and a nice set of strings on the swell. The room is warm, with enough reverberation for sound to move and develop in the space, and the organ speaks quite well. The church is absolutely beautiful: stained glass and carvings grace the auditorium and its large dome. Pictures of this organ can be found on the photos page. Details, including a stoplist, can be found on the OHS Database.

Bryan Dunnewald

26 December 2013